About us.

We are professional developers adept at retrieving, transforming and presenting data in a form most relevant to an information need.

  • With over ten years professional information retrieveal experience between us, we know how to utilize the most modern techniques and tools used for web scraping and crawling and interacting with web APIs and services.
  • With regard to scraping we primarily focus on publicly available data, such as government databases, crowd content, wikis, blogs, and newspapers.
  • With no job too big or too small, feel free to run anything by us.

Michael Herman

Michael has had his hands full of development projects since writing his first HTML tag back in 1999. He hacked together his first scaper using a combination of Excel and VBA nearly ten years later. As a Python programmer, his tool of choice for scaping is Scrapy. He's founded and co-founded several startups and has written extensively on the use of Scrapy in his web development course, Real Python for the Web.

He's a firm believer that public/crowd data is owned by the public/crowd, regardless of where the data is hosted. He dislikes data silos and information hoarders.

When not programming he builds financial models for fun while drinking craft brews.